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Gyrmatic 500

Gyrmatic 500


  • Torch Support - with manual retraction system for easier loading and unloading of workpiece. Automatic torch retraction system can be fitted as option
  • Operating comfort - provided by electrical controls with automatic cycle built into support frame
  • Support frame - with cradle tilting to 7 fixed positions
  • Manual Welding - with optional footpedal for controlling the turntable (plug in connector)
  • Workpiece Secured - on machine turntable, 490mm Diameter
  • Fine adjustment system - for accurate positioning of the torch in the joint
  • Add-ons - for manual tailstock (80mm tavel) or pneumatic tailstock (100mm travel) with rotating point
  • Linear positioning - with a handle for locking the tailstock to the support beam allowing fast adjustment to the length of the workpiece.

The GYRMATIC 350 & 500 are modular systems designed to adapt easily and quickly to all conditions for circular welding around horizontal or vertical axis or in intermediate positions set using a manual tilt device.

 They are designed for manual or automatic MIG/ MAG or TIG welding of circular parts secured to the turntable or between tailstocks. 

They are currently used to manufacture a wide range of products:

  • gas bottles
  • fire extinguishers
  • compressors
  • pipe flange welds
  • cylinder bodies
  • rims
  • dampers
  • exhaust pipes, etc., 

GYRMATIC systems provide a straightforward, efficent and low-cost solution for automated welding of all circular parts, guaranteeing:

  • increased productivity
  • high-quality repetitive welds
  • operator comfort 

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