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Engine Driven Welding Plant

Why Engine-Driven?

Hondawd220dstConstruction sites, large scale fabrication, maintenance/repair and weather emergencies demand generator and welding power in locations where electrical outlets aren't available. In these instances, the professional welder, farmers/contractors and Fabrication Company’s millerbigblue400rely on the output of an engine-driven welding generator. These "two-in-one" machines feature a petrol-, diesel- or LP-driven engine that produces 3-10kva of 110/240v generator power (depending on the model) to run tools, lights, appliances and motors. They also produce Stick, TIG, MIG and flux cored outputs, so you can tackle every field welding challenge. You can now weld almost any metal on site, including aluminum.

Why not turn your welder generator into a MIG set?

We stock a range of 2nd hand welder machines, please contact us for details as stock changes on a weekly basis. 

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