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Automated Welding Plant

Automatic welding - Positioners

saf PositionerPositioners (and rotators) suit the users' requirements for all manual or automatic welding processes.

Welder's comfort, high precision are the main advantages of this range

These indispensable positioners enable to achieve circular welding beads.   

Submerged Arc Welding solutions

Subarc 5 welding head allows accurate pre-setting and pre-selection of welding parameters. Available with DC650, DC1000, DC1300 and 1000amp AC/DC 100% duty cycle power sources. For use with single wire, twin wire, tandem and twin tandem.

Column and Booms

From a 1.5 mtr x 1.0mtr machine to a 8.2 mtr x 4.3 column and boom.

Fixed or power travelling base.

All processes can be integrated to Air Liquide Welding Column and Booms to give a fully automated solution.

Seam Welders

Available for flat plate, external, internal and both internal and external applications. Welding lengths from 500mm up to 6200mm. Can be fitted with MIG, TIG, Plasma and Submerged Arc Welding Head options. Thickness range from 0.6mm to 10mm dependant on machines specified.

Plasma welding

High quality joints in thicknesses up to 8mm in carbon and stainless steel, titanium and zirconium. The plasma arc ensures full penetration of welded joints.

Custom Made Automated Machines 

Submerged arc welding of collar onto upper end of gas cylindersWe can help you reduce your manufacturing costs and limit the amount of repetitive menial tasks thanks to simple, personalised machines. Constructed from standard and modular components from the mechanization catalogue these machines can later be modified to quickly and easily meet new requirements.

If necessary top of the range numerical controls, powerful logic controllers are integrated to the machines.

All automated welding machines are delivered after being constructed, mounted and tested.

All machines bear the CE mark.

Robot welding system for seam peening on tanksCustomer Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is carried out by a team of specialised engineers and technicians responsible for commissioning and supervising the start up of the machine.

Maintenance contracts

Maintenance is an integral part of our after sales service offered to every customer.

Most of the time feasibility studies can be carried out on request.

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