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Automated Profile Cutting - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

Automated Profile Cutting

oxytome hpcA complete range of machines available 

Oxy Propane and Plasma Cutting solutions. From a simple cantilever type machine with one head to portal and gantry type multi head CNC machines.

Fuel gas and High Definition Plasma make up SAF's precision plasma cutting systems.

Single head and multi head options available.

plasmatome cnc controlled m

High precision plasma produces near laser quality at a fraction of the investment and running costs.

‘Pick and place’ concept with installation in 1 day makes these machines easy to re-locate as your business grows.

Choice of CNC controllers and power sources.

The real alternative to Laser cutting.

optitome cnc controlled m/c

A complete range Profile Cutting  of machines available.

Plasma Cut Mild Steel from 0.5 to 40mm

Stainless & Aluminium From 0.5 to 110mm

Also a full range of Oxy Fuel Cutting Machines available

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