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Line Boring Machines

Line Boring

Broad field of application. Sir Meccanica’s machine tools are extremely versatile; they can be used to be laid on any hole that needs to be repaired. Furthermore, the fact that they are portable, enlarges their working field.

No transportation costs. Thanks to the portable boring machines, the machine to be repaired (even the largest machine) must no longer be transported in a specialized workshop.
Our boring machines work directly on the hole that has to be repaired, in a semi-automatic way and in any position.

Working time reduction. All Sir Meccanica’s products are easy to use. Once you have set the machine on the hole that needs to be repaired, it does the work in a semi-automatic way, eliminating down time.

Labour costs reduction. Our machines have an excellent price/quality ratio. Their cost is amortizable in a short time and they can be used for repair and maintenance of all industrial machines.

Safety and reliability of the performances. The machine has an electronic control panel with a diagnostic display, that allows to monitor the entire process of the performance, allowing the person that is working on the machine to intervene promptly in case of a failure or an error.

Easy to transport. Each product has a handy trolley that allows for an easy and comfortable transportation.

SIR Meccanica WS2 PLUS

The consolidated experience and the unquestioned success of our machines allow us to satisfy the different problems that arise in the world of mechanics, by improving and extending the production and the profit of our customers, through modern solutions of portable machine tools made with the highest precision and durability. In the W series, Sir Meccanica affirms, worldwide, its values in the construction of the portable machine tools, giving to its range many characteristics like stability, accuracy, compactness, solidity and safety in an harmonious and intelligent way.

The new W series is characterized by:
“ Worm gear-helical wheel”, with permanent lubrication, patented and state-of-the-art. To obtain an elevated productivity, high performance and low noise, the mechanisms are made with 16CrNi4 steel, cemented, tempered and refaced. Particular attention has been given to the realization of the profile, to obtain a better contact among the surfaces. The wheels have a cast iron G20 hub on which an antifriction bronze fusion G-CuSn12 is applied, to optimise performances and efficiency. Housing and flanges are made of engineering cast iron G20 UNI 5007. The commercial components used, such as tapered-roller bearings or radial ball bearings, oil seals, gaskets, lubricants are accurately selected so to guarantee high quality.

Line Boring


The power has reached elevated standards, the ideal thing for any applicative situation which requests motion linearity, overload capacity and load control with high inertia. Magnetized and tested one by one, they guarantee reliability and efficiency. They are characterized by:

  • Permanent magnets made of calibrated ferrite, with a high coercive force.
  • Multi-bladed collector to obtain a perfect commutation.
  • 4-poles tachometric dynamo with rare earths magnets built into the motor
  • IP54 protection level
  • Skewed armature for smooth running at low speeds

Electronic control panel with diagnostic display

Sir Meccanica, in the field of the program called “Global Security Project” has projected an Electronic Control Panel, able to optimize the performance of the machine and to allow a simple and valid control of all the functions. The new system makes it possible to carry out any replacement without the assistance of specialized personnel and without sending the control panel to Sir Meccanica. In fact, it can be repaired without equipment, in a few minutes and directly on-site. If there is an error signal, due to an incorrect use, a code will appear that gives the solution through the quick consultation of the Manual.

 Many Other systems are available, please contact us with your requirements

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