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New Off the Shelf Welding Chamber - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

New Off the Shelf Welding Chamber

We realised there was a need for an aerospace quality off-the-shelf welding chamber

After previous experience of poor quality off-the-shelf welding chambers, and the long lead-times of built to order welding chambers; West Country Welding Supplies got together with a leading German supplier to produce an aerospace quality welding chamber. It can be supplied ready to weld in minimum time.


  • chamberSupplied ready to weld in minimum time
  • Short lead times
  • Cost effective
  • Off the shelf - supplied ready to weld
  • Bench top Mounting
  • Aerospace quality purge levels in minimum time
  • Full length internal lighting
  • Easy TIG torch hook up (air or water cooled)
  • Ergonomic shape for operator comfort


  • Height: 535mm
  • Width: 988mm
  • Depth: 592mm

Schematic Diagram - Click for full size diagram 


Welding Glovebox

  • welding-chamber-schematicThe welding glove box is made of stainless steel. The glove box has a width of 1000mm, depth 600mm, and height 700mm.
  • The front side of the glove box is tilted for better visibility of the welding goods. The safety glass window is integrated in the front side of the glove box and is fitted with a sliding welding lens. The inside of the glove box is treated to minimize the reflection of the light of the welding torch.
  • The glove box is equipped with two manual valves and a manual flow controller to control the purge flow in the glove box.
  • In the front, two glove ports with Butyl gloves give access to the inside to the glove box.
  • At the right side wall a air tight door is integrated for loading and unloading the welding goods.
  • On the other side wall a feed through plate is attached for gas/water and power leads.
  • The welding glove box is equipped with lighting from the top of the glove box.
  • The glove box can be positioned on a table. There is no stand included.
  • Window has clear front with moving lens
  • We have also allowed for a inlet and outlet fitting for oxygen analyzer.

Option Oxygen Sensor
The glove box is equipped with an oxygen sensor for measuring the oxygen content in the glove box from ppm level to percentage level.This can be interfaced with a switching signal to stop/start the welding plant at the required ppm level. This can also give a audiable alarm to indicate the programmed ppm levels if required.

Information from brochure

Stainless Steel Welding Chamber

  • Robust and sturdy construction for everyday use
  • Mobile, can be carried to different work places
  • Ready for welding within 10 ppm oxygen in about 10 minutes
  • Easy manual operation.
  • Side door ø5250 mm
  • Bench top system


  • Stainless steel welding chamber with box wide window made of safety glass. No contamination through poly carbonates.
  • Fast start up. Oxygen level below 10ppm within about 10 minutes with a purge flow of 300l/min.
  • Gas consumption: About 3m3 for start up, alter that 5 litres per minute are sufficient.
  • Welding eye protection window can be moved to desired position or can be opened for better visibility.
  • Side door with a diameter of 250mm
  • State of the art Neon lighting (more than 1000Lux) of complete work space for good visibility
  • Manual control of purge flow with flow meter for precise adjustment of gas usage
  • Standard Butyl rubber gloves for easy handing
  • Gas outlet and additional pressure safely valve for safe operation
  • Removable, insulated connection board for integration of different feed through's for power, gas, water and ground if necessary.
  • Standard connection for existing oxygen sensor. No new sensor must be purchased.
  • Weight about 60kg equipped with four handles. The WeldGenius can be transported to the desired location.

weldchamber02.jpgWeldGenius properties

Inside Dimensions:

  • Length: 870mm
  • Depth: 470mm
  • Height front: 280mm
  • Height back: 530mm

Volume: 190 L

Dimensions for transport:

1070 x 620 x 690 mm (Width x Depth x Height)

Weight: 58 kg

Side Wall with Door

  • Manual Door with one hand operation.
  • Manual shut off valve
  • Flow regulation with manual flow controller in the range from 30 to 300 l/min.

Side wall with connection board

  • Connection Board is equipped with standard welding feed throughs like DINSE or bulkhead fittings. Others upon request
  • Board can be removed for integration of additional feed throughs.

Easy Operation Explained in 15 Short Steps:

  • Plug in the cable for light and turn it on.
  • Connect the gas outlet with an exhaust or put it outside the building.
  • Connect your welding equipment to the connection board on the left side.
  • Connect your oxygen monitor to the back side?
  • Connect welding argon grade 4.6 or better to the flow meter on the right side.
  • Load welding good through the door and close it.
  • Open regulation valve on lop left side (exhaust valve)
  • Open red regulation valve at flow meter.
  • Start purging with desired flow rate. Regulate flow rate with flow meter. With 300 l/min you will reach below 10ppm in about 10 minutes.
  • Get a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Reduce Flow rate below 30 l/min.
  • Start welding.
  • When done, turn off gas flow with red regulation valve at flow meter.
  • Open door and take your welding out.
  • Turn off light to safe electricity!

Available Options

Purge Antechamber

  • Size: Diameter 250mm, length 500mm
  • Antechamber with inside and outside door.
  • Antechamber can be purged to 10ppm level within 4 minutes.
  • For glove box only one time initial purge necessary. Only low stand by purge flow required. Resulting in reduced gas consumption.

Gas Purification

  • Standard gas purification for removing oxygen and moisture out of glove box systems.
  • Alter initial setup no argon gas is necessary for maintaining the box atmosphere.
  • PLC controlled with operation panel
  • Automatic regeneration (filter cleaning)
  • High purity in the glove box: oxygen and moisture below 1ppm
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