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Meet the Team - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

Meet the Team

At West Country Welding, We like to think we have a great team of people, to help you get exactly what you need. This page gives you an insight into what each staff member does, and a little bit about them.


craig.jpgCraig Elliott - Managing Director 

Craig 'The Weld' Elliott is the Managing Director and Technical expert at West Country Welding. With over 30 years experience in the Welding and Metallurgy industry, you can be sure that if it needs welding, craig will know how to do it.


gareth.jpgGareth Johnson - Director

Gareth keeps an eye on all the day to day tasks, and ensures we keep up our excellent customer service! After memorising over 3000 part numbers, you would have thought that there wouldn’t be any space for anything else, but there isn’t much that 'Johnny' doesn’t know about welding... or the top 10 hits of 1981.


jim.jpgJim Glen - Sales

James brought 15 years of engineering experience, 10 of which at an engineering company in Chippenham and has an excellent knowledge of stainless steel fabrication.  'Jimmer' has endless enthusiasm and will always be happy to help with your engineering needs, especially if it involves muddy Land Rovers. Jim is our resident Swift Cut specialist, with great knowledge of Plasma Cutters too. 


bob.jpgBob Reakes - Sales

Bob has an incredible knowledge, and there is not a lot that he hasn't done, or doesn't know about. Cool, calm and collected, he is an excellent member of the in house sales team.



tom.jpgTom Baker - Purchasing/Marketing

Tom has introduced his experience of the online market to Westcoweld to increase the website sales and try and get welders to use Twitter (hahaha). Part Purchaser/Web Developer/General Moderniser. Tom is interested in all sports and plays football, is a loyal Bath Rugby fan, and attempts to play golf!


Kyle.jpgKyle Loomes- Marketing/Accounts Assistant 

Kyle is a young trainee who has been with us since the end of 2013. He has a great ability to pick up and learn new tasks within a business and practical environment, regretfully; Kyle fails to support a decent football team, and follows QPR!!!


 stacey.jpgStacey Hillier - Accounts

Stacey is our management accountant and the Mum of the group. More interested in Shoes and Handbags then welding, but she does an excellent job in making sure we get paid on time and that we always have plenty of cake in the office!  


 rachel.jpgRachel Hodges - Accounts 




paul.jpgPaul Shearn - Stores

Paul runs the stores and looks after all the logistical needs of the company with over 20 years of experience in a stores environment . He makes sure that all our stock is upto date, and on the shelf ready for dispatch. He enjoys nothing more in his spare time, than scouring the paper's and hassling friends for their unwanted vinyl .


ash.jpgAshleigh Elvins - Stores




rob.jpgRob Andrews - Welding Technician

With almost 30 years in the welding industry Rob has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the handling and maintenance of old and new technology.You ask the question and Rob will find the answer! Never happier than when travelling the British country side and coast line in his motorhome, knowing a glass of red wine awaits the end of the day. 


rob.jpgSam Alsbury - Apprentice Welding Technician

Sam is the youngest member of the team and is our trainee service engineer. Spending most of his days here caked in dirt and grease, he is keen to get his hands dirty to get the job done. In his spare time he loves nothing more than chilling out to a bit of smooth jazz or taking in the countryside on his motorbike.


nigel.jpgNigel Thomas - Driver

Nigel is one of our excellent drivers who will go well beyond his duties to make sure our customer's receive their consignments in time, Nothing is too much for Nigel! He makes a mean cup of tea, and for a quiet guy, loves his loud Punk Rock!


terry.jpgTerry Marshall - Driver

Terry... where do you start!!? A legend at WCWS and loved by all his customers. Cheerful and Grumpy in equal measure, 'Our Ter' loves playing sport (as long has his knee's don’t play up) and he's always up for a cuddle with his Grand Daughter.



 craigp.jpgCraig Pullin - Salesman

Craig has a great knowledge within the Industry, and is  an excellent road salesman for the team. He is a Bristol Rovers supporter, and even named his dog after Rovers legend, 'Ollie'!



kevin.jpgKevin Scott - Salesman

Kevin is our on road Salesman, based in Weston Super Mare. He has previous experience working at Würth UK, so brings excellent tooling knowledge. He is always keen to try new technology to increase sales. He is also a lifelong follower of Notts Forest, but he keeps that quiet.


steve.jpgSteve James - Salesman

Steve James is our Salesman for the Wiltshire area. He has a large, loyal customer base.





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