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Mig Welder - Miller Migmatic 271 (415v)

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All Miller machines come with Miller True Blue three year warranty.

Miller Migmatic 271Features

  • Built-in retractable gun & cable holder
    provides a convenient storage place for your MIG gun & cable.
  • Easy-to-use digital user interface display*
    Displays clear, precise readings of arc voltage, wire speed or amperage while welding.
    Also displays 2T/4T Trigger mode
  • Traditional tapped design & Laminated Inductor
    Provides a stable, smooth Arc operators appreciate
  • 2T/4T Latching Gun Trigger
    Allows the operator to weld for extended periods, without having to maintain pressure on the gun trigger
  • Adjustable Wire Run-in & Burn-back controls*
    allows the user to optimise arc starts & stops, reducing wire stubbing or wire burning back onto the contact tip.
  • Built-in Spot-weld feature
    provides consistent timed welds.
  • Heavy-duty wire drive motor
    tackles even the most demanding applications!
  • Industrial dual-gear-driven, cast aluminium drive system
    features no-tool, quick-change reversible drive rolls (0.8/1.0mm) an easy-to-set, scaled, tension adjustment knob.
  • Removable consumable compartment
    provides convenient storage space for contact tips, nozzles, drive rolls etc.
  • Wire Jog feature
    enables the operator to thread the MIG wire through the torch, without the wire being live. Gas Purge feature helps to prevent porosity at arc starts by purging the MIG gun prior to use.


Industrial Applications

  • General Fabrication
  • Trailer Fabrication
  • Exhaust Manufacture
  • Rental Fleets
  • Maintenance Repair

Technical Specifications

Input Power

1 Phase, 230 VAC 50Hz

Rated Output

  • 240Amps at 26 VDC
    20% Duty Cycle

Max. Open-Circuit Voltage

  • 41VDC

Amps Input at rated output, 50Hz 400/230

  • 35 Amps

Wire Type and Diameter

  • Solid Steel - 0.6-1.2mm
  • Aluminum - 0.8-1.2mm
  • Flux Cored - 0.9-1.4mm

Wire Feed Speed

  • 1.3-20m/min
    (50-790 IPM)


  • W=480
    H= 800
    L= 1050

Weight (Net)

  • 85 Kg

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