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EWM Pico 162 - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

EWM Pico 162

MMA and TIG inverter DC welding machine

All EWM machines come with a three year parts and labour warranty as standard.

EWM Pico 162Hightlights

  • Lightweight and powerful machine
  • Optimised casing design
  • Excellent ignition and welding properties, e.g. even with rutile cellulose electrodes (RC)
  • 100% construction site compatible for assembly work in the open air
  • Unrestricted operation on generators

Main Areas Of Use

  • Repair and production of machines, plant, construction and agricultural machines, rail cars, ships, boilers, closed containers, equipment construction, pipelines, etc.
  • Assembly and construction site usage, outdoor working, offshore


  • Portable, gas cooled
  • Innovative inverter technology for small, compact design and low weight
  • Ergonomic, modern casing design with no corners or edges
  • Intelligent casing design and robust, impact-resistant plastic guarantees functionality and safety even if dropped or knocked
  • Safe operation on mains leads up to 50 m in length
  • Unrestricted operation on generators
  • Protection classification IP23 (open-air operation), S - safety sign (boiler welding)
  • Latest inverter technology with excellent control dynamics for a stable arc for problem-free welding of critical electrodes, e.g. rutile/cellulose electrodes
  • Reliable and safe thanks to the protected layout of the operating elements in a stable design and positioning of the electronics in a dust-free area
  • Integrated temperature monitor for protection against overload

Technical Specifications

Welding current

  • 15 A - 160 A

Duty cycle 20°

  • 50% - 150 A
    100% - 120 A

Duty cycle 40°

  • 35% - 150 A
    60% - 120 A
    100% - 100 A

Open circuit voltage

  • 105 V

Mains voltage (tolerances)

  • 1 x 230V (-40% / +15%)
    1 x 240V (-40% / +10%)

max. connected load

  • 6 kVA

recom. generator rating

  • 8,1 kVA

Mains fuse

  • 1 x 16 A

Dimensions (LxWxH)

  • 365x116x224 mm


  • 4,8 kg

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