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Ridgid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Mk II - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

Ridgid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Mk II

The new RIDGID SeeSnake Micro inspection camera Mk II allows you to easily perform visual inspections in hard to reach areas. Its lightweight, handheld design means that it can be carried anywhere – providing solutions when and where you need them, while allowing you to offer more services and increase productivity.
The Mark II version has an AV port which allows the image to be seen on any monitor that has an AV input port.

SeeSnake MKIIIncludes:
• Waterproof Camera Head and Cable
• Fully Adjustable LED Lighting
• Flexible 3ft Cable
• Twist and Lock Attachments (Mirror, Hook & Magnet)
• AV Port and lead.
• 4-AA Batteries
• Comfort Grip
• High Visibility 2.5 Inch Color LCD
• Protective Storage Case

The SeeSnake micro inspection camera allows the user to view images on a high visibility LCD monitor. In the dark between insulation and drywall? No problem, the camera head is equipped with fully adjustable LED lighting. Whats more, the camera head is waterproof. Now you can see where you could not even breathe.

A flexible 3ft cable puts your eyes where they are needed, at the point of discovery. All from the comfort in your hand of an ergonomic grip. No more struggling with a mirror and flashlight. Costly trial and error deconstruction is a thing of the past. Find it, fast!

Identifying the problem, and its location, is the first and often toughest part of the fix. The SeeSnake micro inspection camera makes that easy. Once you know what you are up against, you can accurately implement the solution. For its part in the fix, the SeeSnake micro inspection camera comes with several attachments that can speed up the solution.

• Display: 2.5" Color LCD (160 x 234 resolution)
• Camera Diameter: 0.7" (17 mm)
• Lighting: 2 Adjustable LEDs
• AV Port
• Cable Reach: 3ft (expandable to 30ft w/optional but not included extensions)
• Waterproof: Camera & Cable to 10ft (when properly assembled)
• Power Source: 4 AA Batteries (3 hrs. of continuous run-time)
• Order Batteries Online
• Attachments: Mirror, Hook & Magnet
• Weight: 1.2 lbs (0.5 kg)
• Lifetime Warranty

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