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Compact SeeSnake Flatpack 240v Colour Inspection Camera - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

Compact SeeSnake Flatpack 240v Colour Inspection Camera

SeesnakeThe RIDGID® Compact Seesnake Inspection system is a lightweight and compact camera, designed for inspection of max. 150mm drain/pipes which is the maximum diameter of pipe used in almost any house.
The Ridgid SeeSnake Compact Inspection Camera system consists of a reel, which includes the pushcable, camera head and standard equipment and a monitor unit.

Closed dent free rust proof reel
• Avoids dirt getting out while transporting
• Dimensions: 61 x 19 x 69cm
• Diameter: 61cm
• Weight: 5Kg

Monitor Unit
• Tilt stand, splashproof monitor when cover is closed
• 5" LCD Colour monitor 330 HTVL 
• Video in/out connection

• 6.8mm Diameter, 30m long, with fiberglass inner-core to provide pushing power but with flexibility
• Pushcable and camera head are 10bar waterproof

Stainless Steel Spring
• Including 512Hz FleXmitter
• Redundant mechanical connection includes stainless steel locking sleeves and safety cables to keep the system together. Electrical connections are never under stress

High Quality  Camera Head
• Only 30mm diameter
• Stainless steel housing
• 6 LEDs
• Adjustable LEDs behind a thick plastic window, virtual scratch-free sapphire crystal lens.
• Pipe view (wide angle) technology to be able to see clearly the pipe wall

System Comprises
• Reel including Camera, pushcable and FleXmitter
• Monitor Unit
• 2 x Ball guides
• 2 x Centering Guides
• Spanner Wrench

Line Capacity: 40 - 150mm/1 1/2 - 6" through 90 degree bends (50mm onwards.)

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