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62-4E Cutting Torch

Cutting Torch
Cutting Torch 
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  • Cutting capacity: 300 mm. steel with Oxy / Acetylene - 200 mm. with Oxy / propane, and natural gas.
  • Multigas cutting torch suitable for use with all fuel gases - just change the tip.
  • Head mixing and equal pressure design for maximum operator safety - virtually impossible to backfire.
  • Fuel gas pressure from 0.3 bar up.
  • Toughest design - triangular stainless steel tubes and solid forged head and stainless steel lever.
  • Simply change tip for cutting, heating, gouging.
  • Harris tips cut faster with extra preheat.
  • World-wide reputation as the best torch.
  • Ease-on cutting oxygen control smoother starts.
  • Operators like this torch because it combines safe design with multigas operations.

You save because:

  • One torch can be used with all fuel gases.
  • This torch heats and cuts fast.
  • Tough design lasts longer yet simple to repair.
  • The same torch can be used for heating, gouging, and cutting, with all fuel gases.
  • Spare parts and accessories readily available.
  • Harris tips last much longer and cost less.


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