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Head Protection

*All products available in various colour's  sizes and/or styles


Weldas Doo Rag

Weldas Doo-rag features: inner lining for cool comfort, is pre-shrunk, pre-softened and color fast for optimal washing results and has an air cushioned insert for sweat absorbent and comfortable helmet wear.

Flame retardant doo-rags are certified: prEN ISO 11611 : 2003, TÜV BP60008973.


Weldas CapWeldas Caps have the same features as the Weldas Doo-rags and are available up to 7 sizes.

Flame retardant caps are certified: prEN ISO 11611 : 2003, TÜV BP60008973.

Helmet Hoods and Caps

Weldas Helmet HoodWeldas Helmet hoods made of flame retardant fabric with velcro closure and velcro to attach to the welding gear. Certified: prEN ISO 11611 : 2003, TÜV BP60008973.

Weldas helmet caps, back neck protection and front neck protection are made of black pigskin leather. The cap will fit over the helmet gear, including the side knobs and can be with velcro to the top of the helmet gear. The back neck protection can be attached with velcro to the cap. The front neck protection can be attached to the helmet inside or outside with velcro.

Winter Helmet Liners

Weldas Winter Helmet LinerWeldas winter liners are made of soft, flame retardant and pliable fabric. They are resistance against mild, moderate, moderate to severe or extreme cold. The multiple layering allows sweat to escape while keeping cold outside. A reflected strip at the back is added for safety.

Helmet Comforter

Weldas Helmet ComforterHelmet pad and sweatband combined in one piece air cushioned SWEATSOpad.

No more "helmet head", no more slippage, no more sweat!

Innovative design makes wearing a helmet more comfortable year around.

Weldas SWEATSOpad is field tested in various industries and is proven to reduce "helmet head" and to improve helemet grip with maximum perspiration absorption. It eliminates the frustration of wearing a helemt over a sweatband. The SWEATSOpad is flame retardant for added safety. It is made of an absorbant air cushioned layer lined with 100% fleecy cotton. The velcro fastening system is uniquely designed to fit all major brands of suspension and non-suspension headgear.

20-3100V and 20-3200V are certified: prEN ISO 11611 : 2003, EN 340, TÜV AK60013119

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