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Goggles & Visors

Safety Glasses3M™ Classic Safety Eyewear

These safety glasses are extremely lightweight and comfortable with a sporty, modern design
Available in clear, smoke and yellow




Polycarb Goggles3M™ Premium Safety Goggle Polycarb 2790 Clear

  • The 3M™ 2790 goggles provide a comfortable and secure fit and are ideal for combination with 3M™ 7000 series half masks*
  • Ideal protection where a seal is essential to prevent medium impact particles from getting in the eye e.g. fine dust

Additional information

  • Wraparound lens gives an exceptional field of vision
  • Sealed design helps provide protection against liquids, dusts and vapours.
  • Shape and design helps provide a comfortable, secure fit and good compatibility with some half masks*
  • Flexible nose bridge
  • Broad and fully adjustable headband for optimum fit and reliable protection
  • Can be worn over most prescription glasses
  • Anti-Scratch coating for increased durability and improved vision
  • Anti-Fog coating to help reduce lens fogging, particularly during physical work or when wearing half masks
  • Polycarbonate lens option for medium speed impact resistance and protection against hot solids
  • These products are suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications including metal working, construction and demolition
  • All 3M Eyewear meets medium impact protection requirements of Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1337:1992

* Tests show that the above combinations are suitable for many wearers. However, compatibility with other personal protective equipment is subject to a number of variables and the user must make an appropriate selection depending on individual requirements.

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