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MIG Welding GlovesXcel Gauntlets

  • Xcel Gold Gauntlets
  • Ultima Gold


TIG Welding Gloves

  • Xcel Gauntlets
  • Ultima GoldXcel Tig
  • Ultima Grey
  • Soft Touch 


For precision welding where extreme fingertip sensitivity is required!

The Weldas TIG glove pattern construction offers an excellent fit, and the materials used are specially processed for excellent pliability. These TIG gloves are sewn Tig Gloveswith KEVLAR® thread for higher seam strength and seam flame resistance. Some gloves are sewn with reinforced thumb strap for added durability. Weldas TIG gloves are 35 cm in length. This extra long cuff offers wrist and forearm protection against contact heat while performing precision welding that requires the welder's forearm to rest against the work piece.

Weldas TIG gloves have a "seamless" index finger construction. This provides unobstructed control over small diameter welding rods and ultra light TIG torches. This design also minimizes the seam burn out and abrasion.


 Rigger GlovesXcel Rigger

  • Xcel Gold Rigger
  • Ultima Gold


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