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Lava Brown STEERSOtuff Clothing

Brown JacketJackets, cape sleeves, aprons, split leg aprons, chaps, sleeves with elastic straps, full   pants and spats.

The Lava Brown heat and flame resistant leather is made from durable and pliable side split cowhide. All leather seams are double lock stitched with high strength, high heat resistant, 5 ply KEVLAR® thread. All stress points are riveted or double leather reinforced. All rivets and snaps have electrical insulation for safety. Lava Brown products are manufactured  according EN 470-1, TÜV BP9910759 01.

Split Golden Brown Clothing

Golden BrownJackets, aprons and sleeves.

All Golden Brown products are made of heat resistant select split cowhide and sewn with KEVLAR® thread. The jacket has a flame retardant fabric back and an inside pocket. A self balancing strap system is included in the apron. The sleeves are adjustable at the top with velcro and the wrist-end has an elastic band included. All Golden Brown products are manufactured according EN 470-1, TÜV BP60008974.

Grain Golden Brown Clothing

Grain Golden Brown

GRAIN GOLDEN BROWN clothing consist of a jacket and an overall. The jacket has a roll up collar with velcro closure and good closure system. The overall has straps over the  shoulder, front and back pocket with velcro closures, side openings and leg opening. Manufactured according EN 470-1, TÜV BP60008974.

Yellow Jacket Clothing

Yellow Jacket

The Yellow Jacket body is made of 315 gr/m² flame retardant fabric and the sleeves of side split cowhide, included is also an inner pocket. Through this design with light materials the user has the highest comfort. Manufactured according EN 470-1, TÜV BP60008974.

Fire Fox Flame Retardant Clothing

Fire FoxJackets, pants, coverall, overall and sleeves.

Fire Fox comfortable clothing is made from 315 gr/m² flame retardant fabric and withstands spatter and heat very well, multiple pockets which are closable with velcro and manufactured according to EN 470-1 norm, TÜV BP60008974.

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