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Henke Sass Wolf Econoscope Cavity Inspection Endoscope

econoscopeThe Henke Sass Wolf Econoscope is a high quality Ridgid Endoscope with conventional lamp tip-illumination. The Econoscope uses the same high quality optical components as the Cavitymaster endoscope, but has a minature quartz halogen lamp built into the tip. It can be operated from a rechargeable battery pack or its charger unit.

9mm diameter ridgid Endoscope


  • Working Length:   315mm
  • Direction of view:  90deg
  • Field of view:        55 deg with fixed focus eyepiece, focussing from 7mm to infinity
  • Rigid Shaft            9mm diameter
  • Illumination:           Quartz Halogen 6v 4.5w
  • Rechargeable sealed battery in strong leather case
  • Combined charger /  Transformer Unit for mains/battery operation.
  • Spare Lamp
  • Charger to battery connection cable
  • Scope saver protection sleeve for use in masonry
  • Robust polypropylene carrying case
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