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The pipe grinder reinvented, by Cibo naturally!

PipetunerCIBO introduces the new “dual speed” Pipe-Tuner. This powerful 4 HP Pipe-Tuner can be used for all types of pipes, no matter what material, wall thickness or diameter.

The Cibo Pipe-Tuner: the logical choice for every professional.

Look at all the advantages:

  • Suitable for all types of wall thickness
  • Pipetuner.jpgSuitable for all diameters
  • Suitable for all types of material
  • Faster grinding
  • Lower level of heat development
  • Burr-reducing grinding
  • Less post-job finishing 
  • More precise finish

Every imaginable angle between 30° and 90° professionally grinded and ready to weld in a flash.

  • Pipetuner.jpg

    Precise finish
  • Steplessly adjustable control of both forward and sideward feed
  • Fast clamp-proof attachment of profiles by means of a specially designed vice
  • Useful deburring table
  • Quickly available
  • Very powerful 4 hp motor for extra power
  • Dust-free switch box with easy accessible emergency stop
  • Pipetuner5.jpg

    2 speeds:
    • 1,400 rpm or 15 m/sec
    • 2,800 rpm or 30 m/sec
  • Fast change of contact rolls
  • Easy belt change
  • Practical storage rack


AFS recommends:

  • 1,400 rpm for thin-walled pipes and pipe diameters up to 35 mm
  • 2,800 rpm for thick-walled pipes and pipe diameters 35 mm and above

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