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tbcFind out today what the FiniTube® can do for you.

Are you tired of finishing pipe or tube work manually or with machines that are difficult to use?
Would you prefer to achieve a better result in half the time?
FiniTube® helps every expert where and when needed. Manufacturers of staircases and designer furniture, metalworkers, boat builders, the dairy, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries, etc.: have all discovered how Finitube takes finishing quality, speed, and efficiency to a higher level.

tbcComfort & Reliability

  • You will immediately notice the difference: light and easy to use
  • Abrasive belts can be changed in no time at all
  • Seamless adjustable speed. Your FiniTube is delivered ready-to-use with all accessories
  • You can rely on the know-how and service of AFS


  • Just turn it on and you immediately have a unique 270° abrasive range
  • tbcYou can deal with everything: even pipes of up to Ø 125 mm
  • Perfect belt tracking even when working on bends
  • Easy to use, even by the inexperienced user

Class & quality

  • With this powerful machine - 1,200W - you will finish every construction quickly, easily, smoothly, and professionally
  • You will reach the most difficult angles, and process the most complex bends without any problems
  • The FiniTube combines reliability with a smooth and attractive design
    You are already getting tomorrow’s best machine in house today

tbcExcellent results in a minimum of time, 270° abrasive range and, with one extra move you make the full 360°.

Open the strong metal FiniTube® tool case and start work immediately

Good news for the real professional:

  • Unique finish for unfinished pipes in already installed constructions
  • Powerful and handy machine.

Practical tool case well-stocked with replacement belts and accessories:

  • FiniTube4.jpg1 ready-to-use FiniTube® machine
  • 1 starting set of 12 different abrasive belts
  • 1 x Inoxiclean spray
  • 1 x abrasive stone grain 60
  • 1 set (10 items) tex hand pads

Abrasive Finishing Systems and Cibo have of course developed an extensive range of abrasive accessories for the FiniTube®.

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