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tbcFinit-Easy® : a real revelation in the abrasive world.

From now on, you no longer have an excuse to leave corners unfinished.

No angle is safe anymore!

The Finit-Easy® is the tool par excellence for every staircase, boiler and tank manufacturer. In short, it is the perfect tool for everyone who works with stainless steel and who aims for a high level of quality.

General characteristics:

  • tbcPre-assembled extension arm
  • Seamlessly adjustable 1,200 W motor
  • You will immediately notice the difference: light and easy to use

With the flexible, three-dimensional finishing wheels attached to the Finit-Easy®, you can:

  • Finish all hard-to-reach spots and angles without any problem.
  • Tig weld to mirror polished in 2 or 3 simple steps.
  • Work on stainless steel structures in  the most hard-to-reach spots.

The Finit-Easy combines a powerful machine with a practical and attractive design.

tbcYou are acquiring tomorrow’s best machine today.

Your Finit-Easy is delivered ready-to-use with all accessories, especially designed by Cibo’s tool specialists.

The result?

  • A great result in a minimum of time
  • Satisfied staff and customers

The Finit-Easy set in a tool case

The flint easy product rangeThe Finit-Easy set:

  • Continuously variable 1,200 W motor (2,200-6,500 rpm)
  • Pre-assembled extension arm
  • Set of finishing wheels (8 items)
  • Surface conditioning flap disc
  • Assembly keys
  • Abrasive file and grip sheets
  • Quick change holder Ø 75 x M14
  • Quick change surface conditioning disc Ø 75 mm
  • Spray can of Inoxiclean1 x abrasive stone grain 60

In conjunction with Cibo AFS have of course developed an extensive range of abrasive accessories for the Finit-Easy®.

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