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X - Tend

x-tendX-tend flap discs: another Cibo innovation.

The name already gives it away: the flaps are very large and have been positioned in such a way that they extend quite far over the carrier.

This additional overhang, together with a very hardwearing and durable ceramic abrasive material, make this disc a real revelation.

x-tendThe overhang flap disc offers you the following advantages in comparison with a traditional flap disc:

  • Extremely suitable for corner welds
  • Higher available volume of abrasive cloth
  • Longer life
  • Quickly adapts to the shape of the work piece
  • Larger abrasive contact
  • Increased control while grinding
  • x-tendVery flexible and comfortable to use
  • Excellent finish
  • Finishes all difficult spots effortlessly
  • Adapts perfectly to the shape of the work piece
  • Increased control while grinding angle welds.

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