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Surface conditioning

surface conditioningSurface conditioning is an open nylon web, impregnated with abrasive grains. This web is anchored to a woven polyester structure. This gives the product a high level of resistance to being pulled and ripped.

The aluminium oxide abrasive grains are anchored to the web through thermo-setting synthetic resin.


  • Guaranteed 100% burr-free use
  • Continuous and controlled finish
  • Open structure: no clogging up
  • Water-resistant: can be used with cooling agents
  • Minimal material removal and a perfect finish
  • High-performance and cost-effective grinding tool
  • Flexible and supple abrasive item
  • Open web structure ensures cool metal removal: limited heat development and no discoloration of the work piece

Two quality levels, three types of grain thickness

The latest generation of polyester carriers and an innovative chemical formula are the two successful ingredients of our Surface Conditioning families.
This new carrier is totally stretch-free, resists heavy mechanical pressure, and still remains very flexible. This makes it perfect for almost any application, such as endless belts, sleeves, Power File belts, standard discs, discs laminated to fibre, etc.
A completely new and technically very innovative chemical substance ensures that the cutting power and life of these three-dimensional abrasive materials are the very best in this area.

AFS offer two different types of technical products

FE quality. This product is highly suitable for aggressive applications where angle resistance is important. As a result, this product is the best option for applications with sharp angles or sharp burrs.

RC quality. RC stands for Rapid Cut, which is characterised by fast initial cutting power without the need for a high level of working pressure. The RC achieves a beautiful and perfect finish in a flash. AFS can also provide you with customised end products of this quality (belts, sleeves, discs, etc.).
RC is also the basic material used to manufacture Cibo’s “RF” and “RCD” discs.
Also see Rapid Finish and Rapid Combi Disc

Both FE and RC quality are available in the three usual types of grain thickness: Coarse, Medium and Very Fine.


  • Deburring
  • Improving structure
  • Improving surfaces
  • Decorative finishing
  • Homogenising
  • Satinising, matting
  • Cleaning, degreasing
  • Removing welding splashes
  • Removing cutting and abrasive lines
  • Removing heat discoloration
  • Removing paint, coatings, sealings, etc.
  • Finishing inside and outside angles

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