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Rapid finish flap disc

Rapid finish flap discIn addition to the RCD disc, the Rapid Finish® flap disc is the absolutely latest three-dimensional abrasive disc, developed by Cibo n.v. and registered under patent No. FR0114635.

This Rapid Finish® disc is staggeringly versatile and owes its properties to the specific construction of the disc, coupled with an advanced generation surface conditioning.

Together with Finit-EasyII®, Rapid Finish® discs are the perfect finishing tool. They enable you to finish the impossible in no time at all.

The Rapid Finish flap disc

  • Super-fast finishing
  • Unprecedented finish
  • High user comfort
  • Higher efficiency and productivity
  • Lasts up to 6x longer
  • Can be used to the last grain
  • Patented

Rapid finish flap discCutting power

A great advantage of the Rapid Finish® disc is its amazing cutting power. The improved cutting/abrasive power ensures a faster result.

This reduces the number of working hours per work piece and work can be carried out at a low level of pressure.

Even untrained users will achieve excellent cutting results with this innovative disc.

Every desired level of finish will be achieved effortlessly.


The Rapid Finish® disc wears uniformly and continuously renews its grains.

This ensures a continuous and uniform finish for the life of the disc. As a result, this disc lasts up to six times longer than a traditional surface conditioning disc.


For an optimal result with the Rapid Finish® disc, we advise you to use the diameter speed recommended.

This prolongs the life of your disc with excellent results for your work pieces.

Rapid finish flap disc

Aluminium Sectors:

  • Aluminium constructions
  • Aluminium cast work
  • Aluminium welding work


  • Removal of welding splashes
  • Preparation for anodising
  • HRapid finish flap discomogenising surfaces
  • Deburring of turning and cutting work

Steel Applications:

  • General steel constructions
  • Tool manufacturing
  • Construction of dies
  • Machine parts

Rapid finish flap disc
Stainless Steel Sectors:

  • General stainless steel work
  • Stair and handrail/banister constructions
  • Industrial kitchen installations
  • Stainless steel designer furniture and lighting
  • Stainless steel plate work
  • Installations for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • Sanitary installations
  • Tank and boiler construction
  • Rapid finish flap discAviation and aerospace industries
  • Shipyards

Titan / Inconel Applications:

  • Removing TIG welding splashes
  • Preparation for polishing
  • Homogenising surfaces
  • Light deburring of turning and cutting work
  • Rapid finish flap discLight deburring, improving surface roughness
  • Finishing angles and toothing

Bodywork Applications:

  • Removing paint and splashes
  • Removing stone-chipped layers
  • Due to their special structure, RF discs never clog up

 Rapid finish flap discGalvano Industry Applications:

  • Removing galvanising errors without sanding into the zinc layer
  • Surface preparation before galvanising


The Rapid Finish® flap disc is a finishing disc. The aim of the disc is to smooth surface roughness. It is not a deburring disc.

The Rapid Finish® flap disc ensures a very low level of heat development. This disc will never clog up, not even with very soft materials, galvanised surfaces or on bodywork applications. It is the perfect cost effective partner for all your finishing applications.

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