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Quick change

quick changeAFS quick change Socatt and Lockit (Roloc) discs are laminated to ensure a much longer disc life, as well as a much faster removal of material. Laminated discs can be used under high pressure and resistance.

Quick Change discs consist of various abrasive materials (aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, zirconium, ceramic Power Zirc, surface conditioning, buff & blend etc.)

Quick change Socatt and Lockit


  • Very quick to change
  • Discs are firmly attached
  • Diameter of the disc and flexibility of the holder allow for precision work
  • From 24 grit to mirror polishing in one system.
  • Use of specially adapted discs ensures a longer life
  • The disc is always centred on the holder

Laminated discs Socatt type

Socatt discs come with a small metal attachment plate on the disc and a quick changer in the holder.

Socatt ensures a safe and durable attachment. One twist is sufficient to change discs. Socatt is the most popular quick change system worldwide.

Socatt quick change discs also fit on all Speed Lock holders.

Laminated discs Lockit (Roloc) type

Lockit discs come with a small nylon plate with screw thread on the disc, as well as an attachment system in the holder.

These discs fit on all Lockit and Roloc holders. You can change discs with just half a twist.

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