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paperAbrasive materials mounted on a paper carrier are used in almost every industry sector. Although the main application of sandpaper is without a doubt in the wood-processing industry, it is also frequently used in car repair workshops, as well as for work with metal, plastic, leather and stone.


All types of high-quality abrasive materials on paper carriers can be supplied by Cibo in most current cutting shapes, as well as in various sizes for belts, sheets and rolls. But Cibo would not be Cibo if it did not provide its customers with exclusive and tailor-made shapes and sizes!

The right choice

Choosing which sandpaper to use depends on several factors:

  • The material you are working on
  • The desired end result
  • Carrier
  • Grain type
  • Grain coverage
  • Additives
  • Diameter and processing speeds
  • Pressure
  • Hardness of abrasive contact
  • Processing possibilities
  • Machines used

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