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clothAlthough abrasive belts with a paper backing are mainly used in the wood-processing industry, the majority of abrasive materials on a cloth backing are used in metalworking. But you can also find very advanced applications of cloth abrasive belts in wood, glass, leather, stone and plastic processing.


All types of high-quality abrasive materials on cloth backing can be supplied by AFS with most current cutting shapes, as well as in various sizes for belts, sheets and rolls.

But it is not just about size.  Contact us to discuss your specific application then we can help you to use the best product possible for your application.

The right choice

Choosing the right type of abrasive cloth to use depends on several factors:

  • The material you are working with
  • The desired level of finish
  • Number of intermediate steps
  • Carrier material
  • Binding material
  • Grain size
  • Presence of abrasive active additives
  • Hardness and type of contact wheel
  • Diameter speeds
  • Pressure
  • Use of cooling agents
  • Shape to which the abrasive material is applied
  • Machines used

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