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Abrasive sleeves

Abrasive caps

abrasive sleevesAbrasive caps are very efficient for all light sanding work in hard-to-reach spots, in particular, thanks to the fact that you can also use their head sides in some cases. They can be changed quickly and are available in various levels of coarseness, as well as different shapes (flat, dished, conical, pointed).

Abrasive sleeves and spira-rolls

Spiral-wound abrasive sleeves are clasped automatically as a result of the centrifugal tension of the abrasive holders. They are mainly used for working on steel and stainless steel, and have great grinding durability at high speeds.

Spira-rolls are made of rolled-up cloth. New abrasive material becomes exposed when the spiral-wound abrasive rolls wear thin. This ensures an even finish.


  • Model making
  • Automotive and aviation industries
  • Construction of dies
  • Aerospace
  • Wood and plastic processing industries

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