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Argweld® Heat Resistant Inflatable Purge Systems

Argweld Heat Resistant Inflatable Purge SystemsAdvantages

  • Heat Protected Systems for the welding of pre-heated pipe work (Chrome Moly Steels like P91) Suitable for all sizes above 6" up to 72".
  • Heat resistant to temperatures up to 300 degrees C (572 degrees Fahrenheit) for 24 hours.
  • These versions are made to order in less than five days because they have to be matched more closely to the internal diameter being purged.
  • Because of the lack of flexibility of the insulation material, the expansion range for Heat Protected Systems is only plus/minus 1/2" from the nominal internal diameter.

NOTE: As these items are made to order please supply us with as much information on application as you can such as the exact ID of the pipe, temperature the purge system will be exposed to & duration expexted etc.

This information will be required prior to any production so that we can ensure a suitable product is manufactured.

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