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Argweld® 8"+ Purge Sysyems - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

Argweld® 8"+ Purge Sysyems

Argweld 8 + Purge SystemsAdvantages

  • Doughnut shape dam design saves on the volume of purge gas needed.
  • Each model has an expansion range to suit all schedules of the nominal size.
  • Upstream and Downstream dams are identical allowing easy, low cost replacement if necessary.
  • Easy to mix and match system for reducers, that is, for example, with a 10" dam one end and a 12" dam at the other.
  • Umbilical connection hoses are shorter to facilitate faster purging, but can be supplied to any length where a greater distance between the dams is required.

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