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Pipe Boiler 1” - 4”

Boiler 1' - 4'The boiler 1”-4” is a very popular machine, due to its weight, power and range, which makes it perfect for maintenance in power stations shut downs and boiler repair work, as well as many fabrication shops.

All units are supplied complete with all gripping segments to cover the full range of the machine. Service tools, drawings, instruction manual and warranty certificate are also supplied as standard.

Each machine is supplied with a protective metal carrying case.

We strongly recommend the use of a portable filter lubricator with all our pneumatic models.

Range: 20-104 mm i/d

Functions: bevelling, facing, counterboring.

Materials: any kind of steel.

Power: pneumatic / electric.

Note: the weight / power ratio makes it perfect for maintenance in power station shut-downs & Boiler repair work.

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