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Model 9E Weld Heads - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

Model 9E Weld Heads

The Model 9E series weld heads are designed for fusion (TIG) welding of tube or thin-wall pipe through the range of 0.25” (6,3 mm) to 6.625” (168,3 mm) OD.

Model 9E Weld HeadsThe Model 9E series weld heads are available in five sizes to weld components that do not provide enough stick-out for a double-clamp set up. An off-set electrode, single-sided clamp and gas seal make the Model 9E series weld heads adaptable to a wide variety of applications, e.g. pipe fitting and short sanitary ferrules. Clamp inserts and gas seals are available for all standard sizes as well as for custom applications.

To further enhance flexibility, most Model 9E series weld heads can be adapted to alternate configurations with an available conversion kit. 

Weld Schedule Development Quick Reference Guide

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