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GRIT GX Accessories

For even more efficient working: Original GRIT machine accessories

AccessoriesThere is one thing that all of our machine accessories have in common: They are perfectly tuned - to our machines as well as to your requirements of daily work. The GRIT machine accessories are not only convincing because of their special quality, but also due to a significant improvement of their efficiency.

Only the best: Original GRIT grinding belts

AccessoriesThe high quality requirements of GRIT machines is also reflected in the grinding belts. We place the highest value on grinding belts in premium quality - for highest grinding capacity and outstanding service lives in metal processing. That makes the employment of GRIT grinding belts very economical. Using the best raw materials and our own packaging ensure an optimal price-performance ratio.

Further information on the GRIT grinding media can be found in the brochure, which you can download from the Media section.

GRIT grinding media R

AccessoriesThe top grinding belt commercially available. With significantly less processing time and significantly superior service life. Recommended primarily for processing rustproof and high-alloy steels. Extra heavy polyester fibre fabric, full resin bond with zirconia alumina. Additional top layer for cooling during the grinding process.

GRIT grinding media Z

Accessories ZThe all-rounder for grinding and deburring of steel and non-ferrous metals that also satisfies the highest demands. Developed in cooperation with professional users, this belt stands out especially due to its long service life and performance as well as due to its cost-effective application. Heavy polyester fibre fabric, full resin bond with zirconium aluminium oxide.

GRIT grinding media A

Accessories AGrinding belts with fine grit for polishing metals to a fine finish. Better surface results. Heavy cotton fabric, full resin bond with corundum.

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