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GI 100

Professional belt grinder in small format: Belt grinder GI 100

GI100Maximum performance in smallest format: The Belt grinder GI 100 is the universal machine for abrasive grinding, deburring of small parts and for continuous surface grinding in series production. Its small size makes this robust and compact belt grinder the perfect alternative in confined spaces.

GI 100

  • Universally applicable belt grinder with excellent performance values
  • Optimal use in machining of small parts
  • As a table machine or on optionally available machine base with or without integrated suction.
  • Patented belt-tensioning system by gas spring
  • Outstandingly suited also for mobile employment in workshop or assembly vehicles
  • Also available as a variant with single-phase AC current 230 V/50 Hz

Technical data


  • 1500 W


  • 3000/min

Circumferential speed

  • 30 m/sec

Belt size

  • 100 × 1000 mm


  • 28 kg

Order number

  • 7 902 03

Included in delivery: 1 Grinding belt 100 × 1,000 mm, grain 60 Z

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