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Avesta 630 FinishOne - Passivating & Finishing Agent

Your Final Rinse is important

avesta 630The passivation or chromium oxide layer formation on stainless steel is important if it is to retain its corrosion resistance. After surface treatment operations on stainless steel, such as blasting, grinding, pickling, residual iron on the surface is a problem. The free iron has to be removed to obtain surface passivation.

In co-operation with AvestaPolarit’s Research & Development, we have developed a new environmentally friendly passivating agent – Avesta FinishOne Final Rinse 630. This product removes all remaining free iron from the steel surface in an environmentally safe way without creating any hazardous waste. Not only is it an environmentally friendly product but a user friendly product, since it produces NO fumes that are harmful and can be used safely around other operators.

A new passivating and finishing agent

The final rinse is sprayed on to the mechanically or chemically cleaned surface. It efficiently:

  • Removes free iron or surface rust
  • avesta 630Oxidizes corrosive bivalent iron to harmless trivalents
  • Removes water staining or calcium in the rinse water
  • Removes organic oil and grease caused by poor degreasing
  • Disinfects, kills bacteria instantly
  • Gives a crucial final rinse after mechanical surface treatment such as blasting and grinding
  • Transforms NO X to nitric acid during rinsing after bath pickling.

With improved safety

  • Final Rinse 630 is classfied as non-dangerous goods
  • Creates non-hazardous waste since it is transformed into water and oxygen after the operation.

Widely used for applications such as

  • Passivation in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Cleaning of milk tanks for the dairy industry
  • Cleaning and passivation after mechanical operations

Packing & Quantities

1 lt trigger sprays, 25, 205, 1000 lt .

Refer to the Avesta Pickling HandbookAvesta Pickling Handbook (393.76 KB) for usage and safety guidelines

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