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Avesta Classic™ Cleaner 401

avesta 410

A heavy duty stainless steel cleaner!

Superfi cial rust, oil, grease and lime deposits can occasionally appear on any stainless steel surface. Cleaning with Avesta Cleaner 401 eliminates these spots with ease, restoring the surface and returning your stainless steel to its original lustrous look, feel and finish.

Avesta ClassicTM Cleaner 401 is geared to a wide range of industrial cleaning applications. It offers a good general cleaning result on stainless steel surfaces. It is suitable for applications such as:

  • Pre-cleaning before pickling
  • Removal of sea water staining
  • Removal of surface rust
  • Removal of oil, grease
  • Restoring and brightening of surface finishes
  • Removal of water staining and lime deposits.

Avesta ClassicTM Cleaner 401

Restores and brightens stainless steel surfaces that have been contaminated during fabrication or usage. It removes surface rust and organic contamination such as oil and grease.

Pre-cleans before pickling, it removes organic contaminants such as grease, oil, paint, etc which will inhibit pickling.

Removes atmospheric staining caused by

  • sea water, “tea-staining”
  • rain water, “water scale”
  • road salt

Refer to the Avesta Pickling HandbookAvesta Pickling Handbook (393.76 KB) for usage and safety guidelines

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