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Avesta 601 Classic Passivating Agent - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

Avesta 601 Classic Passivating Agent

The traditional passivator for stainless steel surfaces

Avesta Classic Passivating Agent 601, for use after mechanical de-scaling treatment of stainless steel such as grinding, polishing and blasting, carried out in order to remove welding and heat-treatment oxides. These processes leave a surface which, because of remaining grinding dust and iron particles, is sensitive to corrosion. The product also restores the protective chromium oxide layer and removes smut from sensitive surfaces after pickling.

The Passivating Agent 601 contains nitric acid. To improve safety when passivating, we also suggest the use of our acid-free FinishOne™ Passivator 630.

Both passivators are suitable for applications such as:
– Passivation after pickling
– Passivation after mechanical treatments such as grinding, brushing, blasting etc.
– Removal of free iron (smut).

  • Accelerates rebuilding of the protective layer of chromium oxide.
  • Removes surface contaminants and iron particles from the stainless steel surface.
  • Can be used to remove flash clouds or smut which may occur on sensitive surfaces after pickling.

Refer to the Avesta Pickling HandbookAvesta Pickling Handbook (393.76 KB) for usage and safety guidelines

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