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Avesta 420 OriginalFinish™ – Fingerprint Remover

Fingerprints are an ongoing challenge on bright, polished stainless steel, and Avesta’s OriginalFinish™ Fingerprint Remover eliminates them with ease, returning your stainless steel to its original lustrous look, feel and finish. While OriginalFinish™ Fingerprint Remover works quickly and easily on everyday fingerprints, a pre-cleaning with OriginalFinish™ Grease Remover may be required for stainless steel surfaces with heavy grease or if oil-based cleaners need to be removed.

OriginalFinish™ Fingerprint Remover is suitable for a variety of applications, including cladding, kitchens and clean rooms. With no oil or wax additives to attract dirt and bacteria, OriginalFinish™ Fingerprint Remover leaves no streaks or stains.

Regular cleaning with OriginalFinish™ Fingerprint Remover promotes rapid regeneration of the chromium oxide layer that protects the surface. Plus, with a pH of 12, this alkaline formulation is able to assist in the removal of bacteria and germs.

OriginalFinish™ is the only stainless steel cleaner on the market that is made by a stainless steel manufacturer. It was developed at the request of our customers, because they could not fi nd a Avesta OriginalFinish™ – Fingerprint Remover cleaning product that could maintain the original luster of their original stainless steel products. Our name says it all: OriginalFinish™ helps you to preserve the original look, the original feel and the original fi nish of your stainless steel.

Refer to the Avesta Pickling HandbookAvesta Pickling Handbook (393.76 KB) for usage and safety guidelines

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