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Avesta 140 - Pickle Paste (RedOne)

Heavy pickling for tough applications

avesta 140The cleaner and smoother a steel surface, the higher its corrosion resistance.
Without scratching, pickling removes areas of inferior corrosion protection.
This is not the case with mechanical surface treatments such as grinding,
brushing and blasting. Pickling paste even penetrates areas (e.g. cracks in
joints) that are left untouched by other methods.

Higher corrosion resistance, lower environmental impact

  • This paste is specifically intended for powerful pickling of weld seams and smaller surfaces.
  • Prevents corrosion by restoring damaged areas.
  • Examples include welds (pickling removes welding oxides) and areas with depleted chromium content and/or other defects.
  • Gives cleaner surfaces and less discolouration (smut) than classical pickling products.
  • Superior results and reduced consumption – the paste is easy to apply and highly visible.
  • NOx fumes have been reduced by 50 percent. As regards minimising emissions and reducing negative impact on the environment, the paste thus satisfies the EU’s BAT (best available techniques) directive.


  • High-alloy steel grades such as 904L, duplex and SMO.
  • Rough, hot-rolled surfaces.
  • Thick layers of welding oxides.
  • Pickling at low temperatures – less than +5°C.
  • Short pickling times.
  • Avesta Cleaner 401 or BrightOne 402 can advantageously be used before pickling.
  • Avesta BlueOne™ Pickling Paste 130 is recommended for less demanding applications.

Refer to the Avesta Pickling HandbookAvesta Pickling Handbook (393.76 KB) for usage and safety guidelines

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