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Avesta 130 - Pickle Paste (Anti NOx) 'Blue One'

When pickling using a standard pickle paste the level of NOx fumes (oxides of nitrogen) can be as high as 3000-5000ppm. However, using the Avesta low fume range, it is possible to reduce nitric fume emissions by 70-90%. Previously reductions of this magnitude have only been possible by using very low acid concentrations, resulting in very long pickling times. Now, by pickling with this new generation of pickling paste, the level of nitric fumes can be reduced to about 150-500ppm.

Pickling explained

A term used to describe the etching or dissolution of the stainless steel surface (a controlled dissolving of the surface) approx. 3 - 5um are removed from the surface thus rendering the "new" surface a virgin surface and free of contamination from the fabrication, manufacturing route or product residue from service conditions.

Packing & Quantities

Supplied in 2.6 Polyethylene containers which are type approved for hazardous goods.

Refer to the Avesta Pickling HandbookAvesta Pickling Handbook (393.76 KB) for usage and safety guidelines

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