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Hypertherm Oxygen plasma: MAX200

max200 oxygen cutting systemEntry-level oxygen cutting system, great for often-changing cutting requirements and production schedules. A proven production cutting system with an attractive initial capital cost. 

the MAX200 being used to cut a large steel pipeThe MAX200 can also be used
for hand-held applications. 

MAX200 specifications  


  • Mild steel
    • Dross free 25 mm (1")
    • Production (pierce) 25 mm (1")
    • Severance (edge starts) 50 mm (2")
  • Stainless steel
    • Production (pierce) 25 mm (1")
    • Severance (edge starts) 50 mm (2")
  • Aluminum
    • Production (pierce) 25 mm (1")
    • Severance (edge starts) 50 mm (2")

Speed* (Mild steel)

  • Optimum quality 12 mm (1/2") 2159 mm/m (85 ipm)

Cut angle

  • ISO 9013 range** 4-5


  • Ready to weld

Process gases by material (Plasma/shield)

  • Mild steel  Air/Air, O2/Air, N2/CO2
  • Stainless steel  Air/Air, O2/Air, N2/CO2
  • Aluminum Air/Air, N2/Air, N2/CO2, H35/N2 

Process amps

  • Not all processes available for all materials
    • 40-200 beveling (200)

* Note: Take care in comparison: competitors often show maximum cutting speeds rather than speeds that deliver the best cuts, as shown above. Cut speeds listed above deliver best cut quality, but cut speeds can be up to 50% faster.

** ISO 9013 is a standard that defines cut quality of thermally cut parts. The lower the range (range 1 is the lowest), the smaller the angle on the cut face. Cut angle in range 4 is better than in range 5.

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