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Orbiweld 38 S / 76 S - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

Orbiweld 38 S / 76 S

Orbiweld 38 S and 76 STotally enclosed, extra thin orbital tube welding heads yet with extremly high duty cycle because of powerful water cooling.

Because of its extremly small dimensions, the ORBIWELD S series is the perfect solution for applications with tight access restricitons frequently found in pharmaceutical sand similar areas.

These models include all the other features ot the ORBIWELD range of totally enclosed tube weld heads such as the:

  • Quick change collet system
  • Remote controls in the handle of the welding head
  • Collets for all common fittings and elbows

Pipe ExampleThe extremely thin weld head design of the ORBIWELD S series, allows fittings and components with very short lenghts of straightness to be clamped and welded.

A strong quick clamping system is provided in connection the collets which are available for all tube diameters and these gurantee safe, mismatch free clamping and alignment of the parts to be welded.
Significantly, all of the important power source welding controls are avialable from the robust and strong aluminum weld head handle, so that not additional remote control is necessary.
Another unique feature is the newly developed quick-changing system for the collets. No longer will you need any screws and tools for changing the collets! Without anything, other than your hands, the collets can be easily snapped in or out of position while ensuring proper, precise alignment of welded parts.

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