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Orbiweld 12

Orbiweld 12The ORBIMATIC ORBIWELD 12 Micro Weld Head, is extremely compact in design and the has several cartridge options, offering a unique flexibility. The head is designed with an internal water cooling systems which gives the ORBIWELD 12 high operationg duty cycles despite is compact design. When combined with the ORBIMAT range of Orbital Welding Power Supplies you will get a highly advanced orbital welding system which offers full flexibility.

Orbiweld 12The ORBIWELD 12 uses a quick release cartridge systems which allows cartridges to be changed in seconds. There are two styles of cartridge avaiable for use with the ORBIWELD 12. The first is a narrow cartridge which is designed specifically for welding of ‘Micro-Fittings’ which have minimal weld stub. When these narrow cartridges are used with ‘Micro Fittings’ the edge of the square of offered againd the side of the cartridge and this gives exact alignment to the tunsgtene electrode. With the narrow cartridge a seperate cartridge is required for each different tube diameter being welded.
The second is a wide cartridge which can be used for tube to tube work of for welding longer stub fittings. The wide cartridge is fitted with removable collets which can be exchanged for each different tube diameter being welded. ORBIMATIC can also produce combined cartridges which give the benefit of both cartridge types for some special applications, such as the welding of valves and regulators.

Orbiweld 12For ease of operation the ORBIWELD 12 has a control panel built into the weld head handle. This control panel allows for basic operation of the welding systems from the weld head. Control function fromt he weld head include START, STOP, END, Gas Purge Rotor Jog and return to home position.
The ORBIWELD 12 is suppliedin a robust transportation case with a tool kit which contains all essential tools for the operation of the process.
The ORBIWELD 12 can be used with any ORBIMAT orbital welding power supply to give a high technology orbital welding system.

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