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Orbimatic VK 19 - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

Orbimatic VK 19

Weldhead VK-19The VK 19 weld head with its rugged but extremely small design provides very high duty cycle production rates through an integral water-cooled body design.

The VK 19 weld head has been designed for welding applications especially in:

  • Semiconductor industry
  • Aircraft / Aerospace
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • High-purity water installations
  • Laboratory / Instrumentation
  • High production rate part manufacturing
  • Portable on-site repair and installation

orbiweld_vk_19_open.jpgOff-the-shelf fixturing kits for the VK 19 are available for the welding of  microfits and VCR glands. Easy-to-use triple clamping mechanism allow to quickly and positively fix the head onto the weld joint under extremely narrow or inaccessible conditions. Because of the clamp design no parts extend beyond the shape of the head body, even in the fully-open position. Furthermore, with the very accurate and solid clamping design, an exact alignment and positive fixturing of the welded parts is repeatedly assured. With the built-in keypad in the handle all necessary commands can be given to the power-source without using an additional remote control.

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