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EWM Phoenix 355 Progress puls TDM

Phoenix 355 puls tdm.jpg
Phoenix 355 puls tdm.jpg 
Buy Now Type: MIG Welders
Price: 8,887.50
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  • Inverter welding machine, DC, pulse
  • Portable, decompact, modular
  • Modular (gas- or water-cooled)
  • Multiprocess: MIG/MAG, TIG lift arc and MMA
  • Progress: All welding parameters and functions are set and displayed on the wire feeder, one-knob operation (Synergic) – easy setting of operating point, pre-programmed JOBs (welding tasks), selection via JOB list
  • Tool-free polarity selection: ideal for welding self-shielding flux cored wires
  • Connection capability for remote control, function torch, cooling unit
  • Protective earth monitoring (PE)
  • Cooling unit can be changed with no need for tools or specialist staff and no need to open the welding machine
  • 4-roller wire feed equipped for 1.0 mm + 1.2 mm steel wires
  • 5 m mains supply lead
  • Trolley and cooling unit optionally available
Pulsed arc –Controlled, short circuit-proof pulsed arc for all positions
forceArc –Low-heat, directionally stable and powerful arc with deep penetration for the upper power range
rootArc –Short arc with good modelling properties for easy gap-bridging and positional welding

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