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CraigTec Tig Mop Weld Cleaner

Tig Mop Weld Cleaner
Tig Mop Weld Cleaner 
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 Based on over thirty years of experience Tig Mop by CraigTec is the weld cleaner of the future.

Electrochemical, Safe, Green, Fast, Efficient, Alternative to Pickling Paste

Bringing you tomorrow’s weld cleaning technology today.

The innovative Tig Mop not only cleans non-ferrous metals but also returns the surface to its original state or better.




 Although the primary function of the Tig Mop, is cleaning and passivating of Tig welded areas, restoring the finish to both the weld and material. Tig Mop is also able to remove other stains (tea, wine, etc.) and even polishes stainless steel too.

Built in the UK to the highest standards.

Save time and money with the most advanced weld cleaning technology

The TIG Mop Infinity has many advantages over both pickling past as well as other electrochemical cleaning:-

TIG Mop Infinity cleans and passivates stainless steel welds as well as copper and other non ferrous metals by means of an instantaneous electrochemical reaction.

The cleaning and passivation effects are instantaneous so no waiting for pickling paste or other chemicals to react.

CE-15 Cleaning Solution does not contain Hydrofluoric, Nitric or Sulphuric Acids.
Infinite control over power, so the user has full control.

Waste pollutants are eliminated which avoids the costly procedures of disposal or treatment processes.

TIG Mop Infinity can be used in both the shop floor and out on site without having to have a special pickling area.

Due to the size and weight of the TIG Mop Infinity, it can be easily transported and used on every job.

Thanks to NOT using harsh acids such as Hydrofluoric, Nitric or Sulphuric Acids the TIG Mop can be used anywhere

TIG Mops retractable brush prevents wasted cleaning solution as well as making it more effective on small welded areas.

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