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TIG MOP - The Future of Weld Cleaning - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

TIG MOP - The Future of Weld Cleaning

Based on over thirty years of experience Tig Mop by CraigTec is the weld cleaner of the future. The innovative Tig Mop not only cleans non-ferrous metals but also returns the surface to its original state or better. As well as this, the Tig Mop is also able to remove other stains (tea, wine, etc.) and even polishes stainless steel too.

With the innovative TIG Mop you do not need to wait for hours on end as the effects are instant, so if you miss a bit of spatter, just switch the machine back on and sort it out. There are no harsh chemicals needed as the cleaning solution supplied with the TIG Mop is a nonthreatening acid which means you can say goodbye to smells and burning of the skin. Also when it comes to washing the cleaning solution off the work piece, all you need to do is wipe the metal with a damp cloth.  Even if the solution gets left on the metal it will not corrode or even leave a white cloud.

This compact cordless machine can be taken everywhere and anywhere. With state of the art lithium cells and up to the minute control technology, the TIG Mop is a must have for all types of work onsite. With infinite power control the machines power cells can last up to 8 hours and be fully charged in under 3 hours.  

The TIG Mop brush is probably the greatest component of this TIG weld cleaner machine. This is because it is made from special materials that can with stand the heat and the current passed through it. The brush has the ability to be adjusted depending on your requirements. For example, If you needed to do small jobs or just preferred having a smaller brush then it can be retracted. This means when a long brush is not needed, you are not wasting cleaning fluid and making a mess. Also the need of replacing the brush will be minimal due it being so robust. Depending on how much you use the TIG Mop, the brush can last up to days on end.

So the TIG Mop is affordable, reliable, and safe that is an answer to your TIG welding needs.

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