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Repairs & Calibration - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

Repairs & Calibration

Here at West Country Welding we offer many services that help the welding industry, for example we provide both on site and workshop welding repairs. We can repair welders of all makes and types along with welding plants and equipment. Our repairs service is excellent as we service for Miller, Oerlikon, EWM and Hypertherm. We are also happy to provide welding equipment repair service nationwide and with a delivery and collection service across the South West; this makes our welding repair service second to none. 

Along with repairs and servicing, West Country Welding Supplies have introduced a new service. This service is calibration and we have two engineers that are now fully qualified to conduct calibration work under the BS EN 50504:2008 standards on site or in our workshop. This service provides your welding machine with a certified calibration which will guarantee that the welding procedures performed by your machine are accurate.  As well as following proper maintenance guidelines, having your machine professionally calibrated is one of the best ways to ensure that your welding machine runs at its best capabilities. 

If you are performing welding tasks on a welding machine that is out of calibration, they can create an environment where welder errors are possible.  This is why it is important to annually calibrate your welding equipment as this service can help you avoid making costly mistakes that could have been avoided. In certain Industries, if an uncalibrated machine is used for welding and the fabricated piece fails in service, the company responsible for the weld and for not calibrating their machines could be subjected to an investigation and a heavy fine.  

The increasing demands of the welding world today require the use of properly calibrated welding equipment in order to perform the high quality welds that many of your customers are looking for. So book a calibration slot now, all you have to do is inform us of the equipment that needs to be calibrated and we’ll contact you to do the rest. 

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