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PFERD - Why Trust Blue?

PFERD started producing files over 200 years ago. Since then, this family owned company has become one of the leading manufacturers in the tool industry, operating in 20 countries from Britain to Australia with an annual turnover of more than €250 million. It’s no wonder why Pferd have a key market share in their industry.

Right from the start, the “jumping horse” has been a distinctive brand mark for excellent quality, top performance and efficiency. As it symbolises strength, endurance and reliability. Even to this day professionals associate the name with top-of-the-range products as PFERD continues to outperform the competition. 

PFERD offers a combination of quality tools and abrasives that you need to find the best solution for your surface finishing tasks and for cutting materials. Their product range comprises more than 7,500 items for a diverse range of applications ranging from rough grinding to mirror polishing and cutting. The tools are used each and every day in many different sectors from Chemical and processing industries to Machine engineering. These Innovations in the PFERD range offer impressive solutions that are not only popular with end-users, but also retailers.

 PFERD provides the world with 9 different product categories. These are Files, Burrs, Mounted Points, Fine Grinding and Polishing Tools, Diamond and CBN Tools, Grinding and Cut-Off Wheels, Stationary Cut-Off Wheels, Industrial Power Brushes and Tool Drives. These tools are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards and offer the best tool solution for every application. Even if you cannot find the solution for your particular application, PFERD can produce tailor-made tools to meet your requirements.

PFERD partners and distributors trust PFERD because the company offers innovative tools and trainings for safe ergonomic work in addition to its sound consultation service, making work more precise, easier and faster. This is why people across the whole world trust Blue and chooses PFERD.

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