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Optrel - Automatically better welding

Optrel are one of the world leaders in welding helmet manufacture, they have decades of experience, not to mention, they look pretty good too! Top quality headshields and superb backup support and that is why we are proud to announce, that we are the new distributor for the South West!

The headshields are split into three categories, Expert, Pro and Basic. This will guarantee a unit to suit all processes, budgets and ability’s, so there is sure to be something for you.
The expert line of welding helmets is backed up with decades of experience in providing the most innovative protection to professional welders. Considering a welder is recognised as the top athlete among the metal craftsmen. They need to be able to weld under harsh working conditions such as fumes, constantly changing levels of brightness and heat.  So therefore the Optrel expert range was designed for the professional welder in mind to ensure maximum protection from these conditions. This range combines years of experience with cutting edge technologies that provide excellent comfort.

The Pro range from Optrel is a selection of helmets perfect for common welding methods. The good qualities of the ADF combined with the Optrel p500 helmet shell, guarantees a long life and a great protection standard for welders. The pro range was designed for the industry professional that may not weld all day but has to preform like it. Created with welders in mind, these helmets provide the right mix of comfort, shade level protection and technology to allow you to perform the applications you require. 

The Optrel basic range offers passive welding protection products in various versions and materials. The hand shields and helmets offer reliable protection to people who rarely perform welding work, work in very tight places or perform special applications.
Not matter what kind of welder you are; there will always be an Optrel head shield to meet your requirements.

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