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West Country Welding Supplies

New Website - West Country Welding Supplies, UK - West Country Welding Supplies, UK

New Website

We are finally introducing a brand new website as a part of our ambitious plans to launch the ecommerce and social media side of the company. As you all know, we have recently had a new system and mezzanine floor installed. So this will be the final step in launching West Country Welding Supplies into modern world!

We take pride in our customers, so we want them to experience our excellent service through our website. To do this, our website is going to turn into an online shop, where anyone has the ability to view our vast range of consumables and equipment.  We are also going to introduce a customer login.

We do love speaking to you lot, but by allowing prices and stock available to see online, it will keep the phones quiet, and give us a bit more time to watch Netflix in the office!

We are going to include all the latest offers! Now this is where you will be able to grab yourself bargain. We consistently have new promotions and offers available for all our customers, so if you want to keep up date and not miss a great deal, our new site will be the place to visit. 

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